About The Hispanic Court Officers Society…

The HISPANIC COURT OFFICERS SOCIETY is a statewide fraternal organization celebrating it’s 29th Anniversary. It was founded in 1986 to advocate for Latino Peace Officers who were under represented in the courts and continue to be so today. The Society today advocates for all Officers of Color employed by the Unified Court System of the State of New York and those who provide security services to the Court System. The Society is dedicated to ending discrimination and empowering Hispanics and People of Color through employment, promotional advancement, education and political involvement. In order to accomplish these goals we constantly strive to develop networks and relationships within the court system with government officials, elected officials, fraternal organization and leaders in our communities. The Society is open to and welcomes people of all races, nationalities, ethnic, religions and sexual orientations.

Major Bryan Negron

President, Hispanic Court Officers Society of New York State

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We would love to have your participation, input and support and would like you to consider becoming a member. Together we can help end discrimination and make the Society stronger and better than ever. We are open to new ideas, suggestions and hope you will join us in our tradition of “Honor, Unidad y Poder.”

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